SPARKS first newsletter

Welcome to sparks 1 the first newsletter for The Rusthall Arts festival which aims to fire your imagination. By Lisa Beaumont .

This morning I attended my first workshop, a Spoken Word event, named Healing Words. An inspiring morning of poetry was held in the creative airy surroundings of Sunnyside Hall, Rusthall.  The session was led by the poet and psychotherapist Graham Mummery(pictured).  He focussed on the therapeutic benefits of writing.  Six Rusthall villagers were joined by a couple of Tunbridge Wells residents for an intimate and enlightening session which ranged from Greek mythology to humorous thoughts about vitamin pills from a published poem by Louis Jenkins. It was valuable to have the release of laughter after introducing ourselves by referencing our own pain which might require healing.  We each participated by writing our own original poetry which some of us chose to read aloud whilst the others listened and responded.  It was a secure context in which first time writers felt reassured to have a go.  A fabulous example of the festival in action bringing strangers together to develop a skill and have fun too.  New possibilities may now be considered  by the attendees thanks to the workshop.healingwords


Forthcoming workshops at Sunnyside Hall include:

Djiembe drumming – suitable for families.  A rare opportunity to try your palms at this style of drumming and receive tuition from expert Cheryl Hooker-Blake who drums with the renowned Bloco Fogo group.

Friday 6th May 7.30-9.30pm.  Limited to 20 spaces only.  £5 per attendee payable on the night.  A few spaces are still available – reserve yours by emailing