How do I get the word out for my small business?

Remember it’s your business so you must feel comfortable with whichever communication method that you choose. There are no hard and fast rules to follow, but instead, there is a process which can be summarised as a series of steps to be taken in sequence:

Step 1: Decide on the purpose of your piece of communication:why should it be said?

Step 2: Who do you  want to receive it?

Step 3: What format best suits that group?

Step 4: What do you want them to do  as a result?how can you make this easy for them?

Step 5: Identify a method which suits you and your brand values. Does it have to be expensive? No, not expensive. Start by telling your friends, “word of mouth” is the most valuable medium available. Target key influencers where possible.

Step 6: Make it easy to find more information if its required.

Step 7: Don’t be shy, remember you are proud of what you do, so don’t hold back.


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