Should the small business owner be concerned with marketing?

A Guide to the difference between Marketing and Sales

I get quite irate when marketing is confused with sales or when it’s used as a synonym for sales. Even my sister irritated me recently when she asked why would you market something that you’re not going to sell? But selling benefits the seller. Don’t you see that marketing is all about the customer, not the producer? Marketing is the name for the process whereby you identify, anticipate and satisfy customer needs profitably and therefore it is critical for small businesses.

What do potential customers want? Now? What will they want next? Can I provide this?Will someone pay more than it costs to produce? That’s it. That’s your marketing process and no mention of sales except implicit in the word pay.

Small businesses are best placed to conduct thorough marketing because they retain the flexibility to respond to the feedback from customers and  adapt accordingly. Think of Charles Darwin.


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