What’s in a name?

Today’s topic is Branding.  I have thinking about this at length for some time, but especially of late, while thinking of how to name my own project and set an example to others. Most important to remember that the name does not come first. Your start point must be your brand values, what qualities will permeate your business and product?  For me I want my service to be approachable and thrifty, accessible for small businesses, dipping their toes in the marketing water with limited funds, a creative service. A pencil encapsulates these values: accessible, a start point for creativity and inexpensive. A simple solution, but it’s not a pencil company. The name needed to communicate the service, fit into Twitter fomats, etc; so brevity is key. Hence marketitwell. A name not used by others already, available as a domain name, clear, direct and containing a geographical reference “t well” familiar to denizens of Tunbridge Wells, my target area.


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